Easy to Use Trash Trailers

Locally Owned dumpster alternative for home & small business

Damage Free, Guaranteed

Traditional dumpsters scrape and gouge driveways or kill lawns with their roll-off design. Our wheeled trash trailers protect your property by rolling seamlessly atop your surfaces.

Easy loading

Our trash trailers are designed with your comfort in mind. Featuring swing-open back doors, a wide ramp and low to the ground design, loading is made simple. Walk, wheelbarrow or hand truck all your waste away. Your back will thank us later!

precise placement

DPM Trash Trailers go where dumpsters cannot! Our truck-delivered, wheel-based design ensures our trash trailers can be maneuvered easily into harder to reach places. Avoid unlawful street placement or costly HOA fines by putting your trailer where YOU want it.

large capacity

Trash trailers can handle any job. Measuring 21' long, 7.6' wide and 4' deep, they can hold up to 100 contractor trash bags - equivalent to 4 pickup truckloads of waste.



What does this mean?

DPM Trash Trailers can hold:


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